About US


This is YAKSH Dynasty

If you do wrongs and will ignore his warnings then be ready to face the consequences.

If you satisfy him with right answers for social welfare, he will reward you.

YAKSH can alive a corpse also.

Some unsocial persons are destroying the family structure for their own short term benefits and misusing the holy laws meant to protect the victims. 

we are a group of sentimental, social and law abiding people working for the welfare of family, society and country. Fighting for the justice and missioned to eliminate the flaws in the family dispute laws to provide justice to the victims as well as to protect the innocents by misuse of these laws. 

Never run away from truth, fight for justice. If you are right, ultimately you will be winner.

We brought back the confidence in the innocents that, they can get the justice, Authorities will listen to them and society will feel their pains.

Contact Information :

On every Sunday we organize a meeting at Laxman-G Park, from 5-7pm.
It is in front of KD Singh Babu Stadium, Press Club, Gemini continental,

100 m from Hazratganj and Court,

0 km from Parivartan Chowk and

498 km from Delhi.

Telephone +91-9532759997;
Postal address :C-1/407-A, Sector-G, Jankipuram, Lucknow
Electronic mail :   patipariwar@gmail.com